Buy the Textbook for Reading 5

You need 2

things for our class...

Reading 5 Book Cover.jpg

Option 1: Paper Book + Online Activities/Tests

Your textbook will be paperback, but you will have full access to all the online activities and class tests.

This is the option I recommend.

Buy the bundle here. ($35 - book is new)

Please choose Priority Mail (about $10) to get your book on time.

Option 2: Everything Online

Your textbook will be digital, and you will have online access to the textbook activities. Only choose this option if you like reading books online.

Buy this here. ($29)


Even the cheapest used book will not have the online access (which costs $15 separately). Also, a used book might not be the version we will use in class (6th edition). Finally, many used books have writing and highlighting marks in them, which will make it difficult for you to learn from the book. Please choose Option 1 or Option 2 to purchase your book and online access.