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Reflexive Pronoun Practice:

Reciprocal Pronoun Practice:

Modals of Ability (Can, Could, Be able to) Practice:

Phrasal Verbs:

Extra Tense Practice:

Simple Present:

Present Continuous:

Simple Present Tense vs. Present Progressive:

Simple Past:

Present Perfect:


Modals of Future Possibility (may, might, could):

Present Perfect Continuous:

Past Continuous:

Participial Adjectives (-ed / -ing)

Gerunds and Infinitives:

Infinitives with Too/Enough:

All Tenses:

Comparative / Superlative Adjectives:

Modals of Request:

Modals of Preference (would prefer, would rather, prefer):

Conditional Clauses: Present/Future Real and Unreal

Coordinated Clauses (FANBOYS):

Modals of Suggestion: (Let’s, How about, Could, Why don’t, Why not):

Modals of Advice: (Should, Ought to, Had better)


Listening Practice:

Links for Reading Practice: